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That’s right, The Post won GOLD at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival for our Achtertuin Seizoen in the Classic Saison category! We always knew our beer is awesome. We’re just thrilled that the rest of the brewing community recognizes it too.

gabf-photoCheck it out – Charlie Papazian posing with us for a photo! Too cool!

Welcome to The Post!

The Post Brewing Company brews beers that are gosh darn delicious, memorable, and something you will want to put in your mouth repeatedly. Our beers have been purposefully designed to pair perfectly with your meal. Our kitchen, run by Chef Brett Smith, serves you delicious comfort food cooked with the love of your grandma and the skill of passionately trained chefs that is meant to be shared like a family supper.

Pull up a chair, order some vittles and get after it!

Our parking lot is tiny and mighty. If you aren’t able to park in it, please park along S. Public Road (it’s free!). Thanks for helping us keep our neighborhood free of clutter & cars.



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Whether you’re campin’, fishin’ or plain ol’ chillin’ on the front porch, these are the beers you need for total can crushing enjoyment. Check out the Find Post Beer page to snag a 6-pack for your next Post session!

Good Bird KitchenHot Chicken Loves Cold Beer

These birds are better than the rest. We took the time to do our homework, and use the best equipment around. It keeps our fried bird juicy while guaranteeing a crispy crust. A humanely raised, all-natural bird that has been brined for hours, taken a few laps in buttermilk and then dredged in seasoned gluten free flour. After that, it’s cooked to perfection. Fried chicken that is rested for a few minutes to let the flavors meld. Then seasoned again with our spicy goodness shaker. After all that love, care and attention to detail, our bird is simply mouth wateringly delicious.

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