Friendly Neighbor

Friendly Neighbor
Friendly Neighbor

Colorado Black Lager
ABV 7.8%

Brewed with our friends from Odd 13 Brewing

Our pal Ryan Scott asked Bryan to brew a beer with him and his head brewer Brandon Boldt. Before Bryan said, “of course”, he started thinking of the most ridiculous string of words he could possibly put together to propose as a style. Within milliseconds, Bryan blurted out, “Yes. But it has to be double black India pale lager.” Ryan didn’t blink and was immediately all about it. The result is a massively delicious head on collision of the brewing styles of our breweries.

Our obsession with lagers and lust for amazing malt flavor is paired with Odd 13’s incredible quest to find and experience new and beautiful hop combinations. Black as night liquid rests beneath a dense tan head of foam delivering layers of fruity and herbal hop aroma from massive additions of Sterling and Pacific Jade hops dancing in step with rich Melanoidin and Perla Negra malt nuances drawing you in for the first sip. A blast of hop bitterness and juicy hop flavor lies atop a luscious toasty and lightly roasty bed of malty goodness.

Friendly Neighbor makes its debut at Collaboration Fest 2015 and will be available at The Post and Odd 13 until it is gone.

PS. Double Black India Pale Lager is a mouthful in more ways than one. Let’s call this Colorado Black Lager.


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