Fodor Lager

Fodor Lager
Fodor Lager

Rye Lager
ABV 5.5%

All small towns have a spooky legend that sparks the imagination. Lafayette has a doozy!

Born in Transylvania in 1877, Fodor Glava was an immigrant miner who worked the Simpson mine who died suddenly in 1918. It is said that the tree growing from the center of the grave is the stake used to kill this alleged vampire. Whether it’s fact or fiction, we’ve decided to celebrate Fodor and his legend with a delightful rye lager.

Brewed to 5.5% ABV with a blend of barley and rye malts, Fodor Transylvanian Lager has a distinctly spicy malt flavor that is smooth and clean. This beer has been hopped exclusively with a new dwarf hop variety called Jaryllo which offers unique aromas of pear and fresh sliced banana. All of the components compliment each other leading to a crisp, slightly bitter finish that lingers just long enough.

Try Fodor Transylvanian Lager with our fried or rotisserie chicken. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite… much.

Keywords: Clean, Malty, Rye Spiciness, Unique Hop Fruitiness



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