Birra Vintastica La Rossa

Birra Vintastica La Rossa
Birra Vintastica La Rossa

Beer/Wine Hybrid
ABV 8.6%

The reason we love brewing with our friends is that we have the opportunity to share experiences to create new, exciting ones. Birra Vintastica La Rossa was brewed with our pal Robert Kunz, ex-VP of Brewing Operations, Dipl. Brewer at Sleeping Giant Brewing Company in Denver, CO. Robert is a lover of adventure and of exploring every what-if he comes across. When he asked us to brew a beer with him, we asked a big what-if that drew from our collective experience at other breweries to create a beautiful beer/wine hybrid of exquisite character.


The beer half is a blend of American barley, wheat and rye malts flavored with earthy, floral Willamette hops and fruity, herbal Glacier hops. This was blended in the fermenter with California Syrah must and fermented with a unique blend of cultured ale yeast and wild, native Colorado yeast to produce a singular spicy, off-dry drinking experience. Gentle tannin from aging on French oak round out Birra Vintastica to deliver sophistication and class with each sip.

Hop Character: Fruity and floral with low bitterness

Malt Character: Light and lightly peppery

Fruit Character: Cherry, pear and wildberry

Yeast Character: Subtle spice


Grain: American 2-row barley malt, wheat malt and rye malt

Hops: Willamette and Glacier

Yeast: American Ale/Native Colorado Wild Yeast

Color: Sparkling Red


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