post_BrettHey folks, Brett Smith (Smitty) here, Chef and Partner of The Post.  We are here to cook you delicious comfort food that is meant to be shared with your family and friends.  At The Post, we love our chicken, and we strive to fry, roast, and grill ours better than the rest.

Humanely raised, all-natural chicken is brined for hours, takes a few laps in buttermilk, and is dunked in seasoned gluten-free flour. Then we cook it to down-home perfection, just like your mammy used to make. Your bird gets hit with our spicy-goodness-shaker and then it’s all yours. We took the time to do our homework, using the best equipment around, and it shows. Our pressure fryer keeps our chicken nice n’ juicy and with a crispy crust, tasting even better the next day (or later that night when you’re standing with the fridge door open).

My crew and I put this love, care and attention into all of our food at The Post, and we hope you’ll come and join in on the fun very soon.